World’s Smallest AEC-Q100 Grade 1 Compliant DC/DC Converter

XD9707/08 36V 0.6A Step-Down DC/DC



  • Wide 3V to 36V Input Range
    • 46V Surge Voltage Protection (≤400ms)
  • Space Saving Solution
    • Smallest-In-Class Package
    • Extremely Small-Value Inductor (3.3µH)
    • Minimised External Component Count
  • Ultra-Low Quiescent Current
    • 13.5µA in Sleep Mode
    • 1.65µA in Standby Mode


Torex XD9707/XD9708 Product Chip Image


Output Current 600 mA
N-Ch 0.6 Ω (typ)
P-Ch 1.2 Ω (typ)
Input Voltage Range 3.0 V ~ 36 V (Ab. Max 40V
Surge Voltage Protection 46 V (≤400 ms)
FB Voltage 0.75 V ±1.5%
Output Voltage Range 1.8 V ~ 12.0 V
Switching Frequency 2.2 MHz
Quiescent Current 13.5 μA (XD9708)
XD9707 Fixed PWM Control
XD9708 PWM/PFM Automatic Switching
Max Duty Cycle 100%
Protection Circuits Current Limit Fold-back Circuit
Short Circuit Protection
UVLO (2.7 V)
Thermal Shutdown
Additional Features Adjustable Soft-start
Low ESR Ceramic capacitors
Op. Amb. Temperature -40 ℃ ~ +125 ℃
Package USP-6C or SOT89-5



Torex XD9707/XD9708 Typical Application Circuit, Extremely Small Inductor with 100% duty cycle
Torex XD970xB75Dxx (Vin=12V, Vout=5.0V) Product Graph - XD9707/XD9708



The XD9707 is tested to be compliant with the CISPR 25 Class 5 conducted emissions standard.  For more details, please download the reference design and test results HERE.





High Power Dissipation

Vibration and Shock Tested

Exposed Terminal Ends

The USP-6C package has undergone stringent testing to meet the demanding automotive and industrial application requirements. Heat dissipation is enhanced with the use of a large DC.DC thermal pad and the terminal ends are exposed on the side of the package enabling Automated Visual Inspection (AVI).