XC6241 Low Iq LDO Voltage Regulator with Fast Transient Response


The XC6241 is a Low Power, High-Speed Voltage Regulator with Green Operation (GO) which allows the internal circuit to change modes depending on the Output Current required. 

Ideal for applications that require both low supply current and high-speed operation.  With this GO LDO, you can extend the life of an internal battery to in excess of 10 years. Perfect for small devices where the battery drain can be decreased and therefore potentially reducing the size of the battery or extending its life. 

The XC6241 has an output range of 1.2 V to 5.0 V which can be selected in 50 mV increments and is able to deliver outut currents up to 150 mA.

This ultra-small, low-profile chip is embedded in a 1 mm² package and can be mounted where PCB area is at a premium.  Ideal for applications requiring long term operation and infrequent communication such as wearable smart watches, remote controls, and smart meters



  • Extend internal built-in battery life
    • No replacement for over 10 years
    • Ultra low supply current
    • Low On-Resistance


  • Ideal for IoT devices RF communications
    • Provides voltage stability when high-speed response is required
    • Reduces the frequency of charging any internal batteries


  • Ultra-small and low profile
    • 1.0 mm2 package, can be mounted almost everywhere.




Typical Application Circuit





Input Voltage Range: 1.6 V ~ 6.0 V
Output Voltage Range:

1.2 V ~ 5.0 V 
(50 mV Increments)

VOUT Accuracy:  ±1% for Vout ≧ 2.0 V 
(±20 mV ≦1.95 V)
Output Current: 150 mA
Power Supply Ripple Rejection:  60 dB @ 1 kHz
(High Speed Mode)
Quiescent Current: 0.6 µA
(Power Save Mode)
Dropout Voltage: 110 mV
(@ 100 mA, 3.0V Vout)
Operating Temperature Range: -40 °C ~ +105 °C
Available Packages: SSOT-24 or USPQ-4B05


Green Operation (GO)

This function automatically switches the LDO operation between Low Power Consumption Mode (Power Save) & High Speed Response Mode (High Speed) dependant on the output current.  The XC6241 offers low current consumption characteristics whilst providing voltage stability when high-speed response is required.


Load Transient Response

The XC6241 has an industry leading Load Transient Response even though the supply current is very low, the Green Operation function provides a high-speed transient response.


Providing Low VDROP & Low IQ

The XC6241 is a great way to reduce power consumption and achieve low Vdrop to get the most out of a battery.  The Vdrop being the minimum difference needed between Vin and Vout required to maintain set output voltage.



The XC6241's internal Drivers On-Resistance has been reduced by more than 60% compared to a typical low quiescent current LDO and as a result the battery life can be extended significantly in the users application.