Push Button Load Switch


The XC6192 series is a push button load switch IC in an ultra-small 2.0mm x 2.0mm x 0.33mm USP-8B06 package. The IC operates between 2.5V~6.0V and consumes only 0.01uA (typ) in stand-by mode thereby contributing to battery life extension.

Key Features

Input Voltage Range 2.5V ~ 6.0V
Stand-by Current 0.01µA (TYP.) / Turn-Off state
Quiescent Current 0.45µA (TYP.) / Turn-Off state
Output Current 400mA
Turn-On Delay Time 0.5s, 1.0s, 3.0s or 5s
Turn-Off Delay Time 3s, 5s, 10s or 15s
Type A "H" voltage to SHDN pin.
"L" voltage during TOFFD
to SW pin.
Type B "H" voltage to SHDN pin.
Protection Circuits Inrush current, Short circuit
Other Functions Power Good Pin
Forced shutdown pin
Output capacitor discharge
Op. Amb. Temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃
Package USP-8B06

By adding the XC6192 between the battery and the main power circuit (which could be a LDO or a DCDC) on the board, or between the battery and the MPU if the MPU is connected directly to the battery without any power circuit, it is possible to completely shut the line from the battery, which in turn stops the battery draining over time.

We call this function “Ship Mode” or “Shutdown Mode” and we estimate that over a period of 6 months in storage, the difference in remaining battery life comparing applications with/without the XC6192 is significant.


Once the application on which the XC6192 is used has been through final testing following production, the circuit can be put into “Ship Mode” very easily by inputting a single pulse ("H" level) to the XC6192’s SHDN pin. After several months of storage, a push button signal turns on the switch and the circuit will start-up with a battery that still has enough charge to allow use straight out of the box!

The XC6192 can also be used as a main power switch in place of a mechanical switch. When the power is turned off, usually the MPU should perform an operation to turn off the system safely and securely. After such an operation is completed, the MPU can send a H" level signal to the SHDN pin of the XC6192 to turn off the system. In addition, the XC6192A is equipped with an ON/OFF toggle function that means that the power supply line can be switched on/off by inputting a “L” level signal during a pre-determined time to the SW pin.