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XC6126 0.6uA Voltage Detectors with Improved Accuracy

0.6uA Voltage Detectors with Improved Accuracy image


Property XC6126
Type Ultra Small High Accuracy
Detect Voltage 1.5 ~ 5.5V
Accuracy ± 0.8%
Operating Voltage 0.7 ~ 6.0V
Supply Current 0.6µA(TYP.) (Vin=1.62V)
Output Open Drain CMOS
Packages USPN-4B02, SSOT-24

Product Description

0.6uA Voltage Detectors with Improved Accuracy

With improved temperature characteristics (±50ppm/degC) and a tighter Detect Voltage tolerance (±0.8%), the new XC6126 series from Torex offers designers a more accurate solution for simple RESET and battery monitoring applications.

The XC6126 is also one of the smallest Voltage Detectors available today, measuring only 0.95mm x 0.75mm x 0.4mm in the USPN-4B02 package. With a typical quiescent current of only 0.6μA the XC6126 is ideally suited to a wide range of portable equipment and battery power applications.

Active Low RESET output is standard and the XC6126 is readily available with either an N-channel open drain output or a CMOS output configuration. Torex also offer the XC6126 in the SSOT24 package for compatibility with older designs. 


• Highly Accurate: ± 0.8% as standard
• Low Power Consumption: 0.6 µA (TYP.) [ VIN=1.62V ]
• Detect Voltage Range: 1.5V ~ 5.5V (100mV increments)
• Operating Voltage Range: 0.7V ~ 6.0V
• Output Configuration: N-channel open drain or CMOS