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XC6240 Charging IC for Rechargeable Batteries Compatible with CV Charging

Charging IC for Rechargeable Batteries Compatible with CV Charging image


Property XC6240
Type Low Power Consumption
Input Voltage 1.5 ~ 6.0V
Output Voltage 2.63V
Accuracy ± 1.5%
Maximum Output Current 150mA
Quiescent Current 0.8µA
Packages SSOT-24, USP-6B06, USPN-4

Product Description

The XC6240 series of products consists of regulators which have achieved an ultra-low supply current of 0.8uA, and can be used for charging rechargeable batteries compatible with CV (Constant Voltage) charging.

The output voltage of these products is internally fixed to be compatible with the CV voltages of rechargeable batteries.
Even if fluctuations are taken into account, the CV voltages of rechargeable batteries will not be exceeded, so charging can be performed without concern.
The addition of a diode on the input side also allows the sink current flowing from a rechargeable battery to the regulator to be suppressed to 0.24uA, which can greatly contribute to extending the battery-driven time while charging is not being performed.

The CE function can turn the regulator output off and put the IC into a shutdown state where the supply current can be substantially reduced. The available package lineup consists of SSOT-24, USPN-4, and USP-6B06, which are ideal for applications such as mobile devices which require high-density mounting, or smart cards which require thin elements.