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XC6501 No 'CL Cap' LDO Voltage Regulator

No 'CL Cap' LDO Voltage Regulator image


Property XC6501
Type CL Capacitor-Less
Input Voltage 1.4 ~ 6.0V
Output Voltage Range 1.2 ~ 5.0V
Accuracy ± 1%
Maximum Output Current 200mA
Quiescent Current 13µA
Packages USP-3, USP-4, USPN-4, SSOT-24, SOT-25, WLP-4-01

Product Description

No 'CL Cap' LDO Voltage Regulator

The XC6501 series is a 6V high speed, low noise CMOS LDO regulator that can provide stable output voltages within a range of 1.2V ~ 5.0V (100mV steps) even without a load capacitor (CL) ! This is possible because phase compensation is carried out internally unlike other LDOs where it is done externally. The series consists of a reference voltage source, driver transistor, error amplifier, current limit circuit, and phase compensation circuit.
The CE function enables the circuit to be put into stand-by mode by inputting a low level signal to the CE pin thereby reducing current consumption from an already low 13μA (in operation) to less than 0.1μA. In the stand-by mode, if a CL cap is used, the electric charge stored at CL can be discharged via the internal auto discharge switch and as a result, the VOUT pin quickly returns to the VSS level.
The current limit fold-back circuit operates as a short circuit protection and a current limiter function for the output pin.

Available in SOT-25, SC-82, USP-4, USP-3, USPN-4 and WLP-4-01 packages 


  • Input Voltage Range: 1.4V~6.0V
  • Output Voltage Range: 1.2V~5.0V
  • Dropout Voltage: 150mV @ 100mA (VOUT=2.8V)
  • Output Current: >200mA (300mA limit)
  • Ripple Rejection: 50dB @ 1kHz
  • Power Consumption: 13μA