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XC6233 High Speed LDO Regulator with Inrush Current Protection

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Property XC6233
Type High Speed Inrush Current Protection
Input Voltage 1.7 ~ 5.5V
Output Voltage 1.2 ~ 3.6V
Accuracy ± 1%
Maximum Output Current 200mA
Quiescent Current 45µA
Packages USP-4, SSOT-24, SOT-25, USPQ-4B04

Product Description

High Speed LDO Regulator with Inrush Current Protection

The XC6233 series of voltage regulators offer fast load transient response performance, PSRR is 75dB @ 1kHz, as well as low quiescent current performance, only 45µA in operation. These fast, low dropout voltage regulators provide a highly stable, low noise supply that meets the demands of most battery-driven circuits.

Output voltage can be factory set anywhere from 1.2V to 3.6V in 50mV steps, and the operating voltage range is from 1.7V to 5.5V. The LDO is also compatible with low ESR ceramic capacitors, which gives added output stability. The new series also offers low dropout voltage – typically 240mV with a 200mA load (VOUT=3.0V).

The internal inrush current prevention circuit limits the inrush current between VIN and VOUT to 95mA or less, and thereby controls voltage fluctuations at the VIN input side during start-up.

The XC6233 is specifically designed for use with ceramic output capacitors and is available in SOT23-5, SSOT-24, USP-4 & USPQ-4B04 packages.

Key Features :

• Maximum Output Current: 200mA
• Dropout Voltage: 240mV (IOUT=200mA, VOUT=3.0V)
• Operating Voltage Range: 1.7V ~ 5.5V
• Output Voltage Setting Range 1.2V ~ 3.6V (50mV increments)
• Low Power Consumption: 45μA
• Stand-by Current less than 0.1μA
• Fast Ripple Rejection 75dB @ 1kHz
• Low ESR Capacitor - Ceramic Capacitor Compatible
• Small Packages SOT-25, SSOT-24, USP-4, USPQ-4B04

XC6233 Inrush Current Protectime Time Voltage vs Time

XC6233 Load Transient Response Output Voltage vs Time