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XC6210 Ultra LDO Regulator

Ultra LDO Regulator image


Property XC6210
Type High Speed
Input Voltage 1.5 ~ 6.0V
Output Voltage 0.8 ~ 5.0V
Accuracy ± 2%
Maximum Output Current 700mA
Quiescent Current 35µA
Packages SOT-25, USP-6B, SOT-89-5

Product Description

Ultra LDO Regulator

With an extremely low drop out of only 50mV at 100mA, the XC6210 can handle currents in excess of 700mA safely, with a built in 800mA limiter. Output voltages can be selected in 0.1V increments between 0.8v and 5.0v with a 2% tolerance as standard.

Noise sensitive applications will benefit from the high ripple rejection of 60dB @ 1Khz and extremely fast transient response. The XC6210 includes a built in current limiter foldback circuit and the CE pin allows the user to place the regulator into standby mode reducing the Iq to 0.01μA (typ).

Available in SOT25, SOT89-5 and the small USP6B measuring only 2.0mm x 1.8mm x 0.8mm.

Features :

  • Low Dropout: 50mV @ 100mA
  • Low Power: 35uA
  • Output Current: >700mA (800mA limit)
  • Ripple Rejection: 60dB @ 1Khz
  • Input Voltage: 1.5v ~ 6.0v
  • Output Voltage: 0.8v ~ 5.0v
  • Operating temp: -40 ~ + 85°C
  • Fully compatible with Low ESR Ceramic capacitors

XC6210 Dropout Voltage vs Output Current