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XC6416 Dual "GO" High Speed, Low Noise LDO Voltage Regulator

Dual "GO" High Speed, Low Noise LDO Voltage Regulator image


Property XC6416
Type Dual
Input Voltage 1.5 ~ 6.0V
Output Voltage 0.8 ~ 4.0V
Accuracy ± 1%
Maximum Output Current 200mA
Supply Current 5µA
Packages USP-6C, SOT-26

Product Description

This product is not recommended for new designs

Dual "GO" High Speed, Low Noise LDO Voltage Regulator 

The XC6416 comprises two high speed, low noise, Green Operation "GO"LDO voltage regulators in a small SOT26 or USP-6C chip-scale package.
Each output can be set-up independently within a range of 0.8V ~ 4.0V and offers high ripple rejection rates (60dB @ 1kHz) and low output noise. Cross talk between the regulators is minimal and with Torex's innovative Green Operation, power consumption can be greatly reduced at times of light load current as the IC automatically switches into Power Save (PS) mode at which time current consumption is only 5uA !

The XC6416 can also be used with low ESR ceramic capacitors.


  • Input Voltage: 1.5V ~ 6.0V
  • Output Voltage: 0.8V ~ 4.0V (0.05V steps)
  • Max. Output current: >200mA/ch
  • Drop-out Voltage: 95mV @ 100mA
  • Ripple Rejection Rate: 60dB @ 1kHz
  • Low supply current: 28μA/ch (HS Mode), 5μA/ch (PS Mode)
  • Standby current: <0.1μA
  • Op. Temp Range: -40ºC~85ºC
  • Auto CL Discharge
  • Low ESR Ceramic Capacitor Compatible