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XC6408 28V LDO Regulator + Voltage Supervisor

28V LDO Regulator + Voltage Supervisor image


Property XC6408
Type Large Current
Input Voltage 2.0 ~ 28V
Output Voltage 2.0 ~ 18V
Accuracy ± 1%
Maximum Output Current 150mA
Supply Current 8µA
Packages SOT-25, SOT-89-5, USP-6C

Product Description

28V LDO Regulator + Voltage Supervisor

The XC6408 family combines a 28V high speed, low noise, voltage regulator with a built-in voltage monitor circuit.

Active high or low can be selected for the EN/CE logic (with or without a built-in pull up/down resistor). The voltage monitor output can detect high or low and can be set to monitor VIN, VOUT or another power source using VSEN. The series is available in the USP-6C, SOT23-5 and SOT89-5 packages, and is designed for use with ceramic output capacitors making it ideal for space conscious applications.

Features :

  • Input Voltage: 2.0V ~ 28.0V
  • VR Output Voltage: 2.0V ~ 18.0V
  • Detect Voltage Range: 2.0V ~ 16.0V
  • Max Output Current: 150mA
  • Drop-out Voltage: 175mV @ 20mA
  • Current consumption: 8μA