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XC25BS8 PLL Clock Generator IC

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Property XC25BS8
Type Low Voltage PLL Clock Generator
Input Frequency 8k ~ 36MHz
Output Frequency 1 ~ 100MHz
Operating Voltage Range 2.5 ~ 5.5V
Packages SOT-26W, USP-6C

Product Description

PLL Clock Generator IC

The XC25BS8 series is a PLL clock generator IC which can generate a high frequency output from an input frequency as low as 8 kHz by multiplying the input up to 4095 times. The series features improved synchronous characteristics over the conventional XC25BS3 and XC25BS5 PLLs. Selectable options include an input divider ratio range (M) of 1 to 2047 and an output divider ratio range (N) of 1 to 4095.

Using an input frequency of between 8 kHz to 36 MHz as a reference clock, an output frequency, within a range of 1 MHz to 100 MHz, can be set and as a result of internal tuning, it is possible to configure a fully operational circuit with fewer external components. The IC’s operation stops when a low level signal is applied to the CE pin which greatly reduces current consumption and produces a high-impedance output. The series is available in SOT-26W and USP-6C packages. The settings of the input divider ratio (M), output divider ratio (N) and charge pump current (Ip) are factory fixed prior to shipping, so the series is semi-custom.

Please advise your Torex sales representative of your particular input/output frequency and supply voltage specifications so that we can see if we will be able to support your requirements.