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XC25BS7 PLL Clock Generator IC

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Property XC25BS7
Type Low Voltage PLL Clock Generator
Input Frequency 32k ~ 30MHz
Output Frequency 1 ~ 100MHz
Operating Voltage Range 2.5 ~ 5.5V
Packages SOT-25, USP-6C

Product Description

PLL Clock Generator IC

The XC25BS7 series is a high frequency, low power consumption PLL clock generator IC with divider circuit & multiplier PLL circuit.

Laser trimming gives the option of being able to select from input divider ratios (M) of 1 to 256 and output divider ratios (N) of 1 to 256.

Output frequency (fQ0) is equal to reference clock oscillation (fCLKin) multiplied by N/M, within a range of 1MHz to 100MHz. Further, frequency within a range of 32kHz to 36MHz can be inputted as a reference clock.

Available in SOT-25 & USP-6C packages