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XC6190 Push Button Reboot Controller

Push Button Reboot Controller image


Property XC6190
Input Voltage Range 1.75 ~ 6.0V
Low Power Consumption 0.01µA(typ.), 0.1µA(max.)
Re-Boot Delay Time Adjustable: 1s ~ 20s ±5% or Fixed 7.5s ±5% or 12.5s ±5%
Re-Boot Time 0.4s ±5%
Output Configuration Nch open drain (XC6190AN/BN) CMOS output (XC6190AC/BC)
RSTB Pin SINK Current 30mAS (VRSTBL=0.3V)
Packages USPN-6, USPN-6B01

Product Description

Push Button Reboot Controller

The XC6190 is an ultra low current, push-button reset timer. The XC6190 uses a long timing setup delay to provide the intended system reset, and avoid resets from short push-button closures or key presses. This reset configuration also allows for differentiation between software interrupts and hard system resets.

Two versions are available; with the XC6190A the reboot delay time (TDL) can be set as desired by changing the external resistance RT within the range 5s to 20s. The XC6190B has the TDL fixed internally with a choice of two settings. When the TS pin is set to “H” level, the delay time is 12.5s. When the TS pin is set to “L” level, the delay time is 7.5s.


XC6190 Typical Application Circuit