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XP222N0301TR N-channel MOSFET 20V, 0.3A

N-channel MOSFET 20V, 0.3A image


Property XP222N0301TR
Channel N-Ch (Single)
Vdss (MAX.) 20
Vgss (MAX.) ±8
Id (MAX.) 0.3
Rds_ON (MAX.) 0.76~1.8Ω
Driving Voltage (MIN.) 1.8
Packages SOT-23

Product Description

XP222N0301TR is general-purpose N-channel MOSFET with low on resistance and high speed switching. It can be used for various applications such as relay circuits and switching circuits. The gate protection diode is built-in as a static protection.

Furthermore, XP222N0301TR is in a compact SOT-23(TO-236)(2.4 x 2.9 x h1.15mm) package with contributing space saving.

These environmentally-friendly products comply with the EU RoHS Directive and are lead-free.



On-State ResistanceRDS(on)=1.3Ω @VGS =4.5V

Driving Voltage1.8V

Environmentally FriendlyEU RoHS Compliant, Pb Free