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XC8108 85mΩ Power Switch with Adjustable Current Limit

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Property XC8108
Type Low On-Resistance
Input Voltage 2.5 ~ 5.5V
Current Limit Value 0.9A ~ 2.4A
Maximum Output Current 2A
Supply Current 40µA
On Resistance 85mΩ @ Vin=5.0V
Packages USP-6C

Product Description

85mΩ Power Switch with Adjustable Current Limit

The XC8108 is a P-channel MOSFET power switch IC which combines low ON resistance and a high accuracy current limit circuit. Designed for applications where precision current limiting is required the XC8108 is an ideal choice for USB ports protection.

Current limit, reverse current prevention (prevents reverse current from VOUT to VIN), soft start, thermal shutdown and under voltage lockout (UVLO) are incorporated as protective functions. A flag function monitors the power switch status. The flag output has N-channel open drain structure and outputs a Low level signal while over-current or overheating is detected, or while the reverse current prevention is operated.

A variable current limiting function is integrated, allowing the current limit value to be set at any value between 900mA to 2.4A using an external resistor. The IC can be put in the stand-by state using the level of the voltage applied to the CE pin. CE pin logic is available in two types, active high or active low.

Available in a USP-6C package.


On Resistance: 85mΩ @ Vin=5.0V (typ)
Input Voltage Range: 2.5V~5.5V
Maximum Output Current: 2A
Supply Current: 40uA @ Vin=5.0V
Thermal Shutdown
Reverse Current Protection
Flag Delay Time: 7.5ms (typ)


XC8108 Typical Application Circuit

XC8108 On Resisitance Vs Input Voltage