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XBP06V4E4GR-G Transient Voltage Supressor Diode

Transient Voltage Supressor Diode image


Property XBP06V4E4GR-G
Breakdown Voltage (MIN) 6.1V
Leakage Current (MAX) 2.5V
Inter-Terminal Capacity 170pF
ESD Durability 30kV
Number of Elements 4
Packages USP-4

Product Description

Transient Voltage Supressor Diode

The XBP06V4E4GR-G is a quad unidirectional ESD protection diode array designed to protect up to four signal lines from the damage caused by ESD and other transients.

Its USP-4 package measures only 1.2mm x 1.6mm x 0.6mm resulting in increased layout flexibility and more PCB space, making this Torex TVS ideal for portable devices and other space conscious applications .


Key Features :

•Breakdown Voltage: 6.8V typ. (IR=5mA)
•Leagage Current: 1uA max. (VRM=5V)
•Forward Voltage: 1.25V max. (IF=10mA)
•ESD Durability: 30kV absolute max.
•Inter-Terminal Capacity: 40pF (VR=0V,f=1MHz)
•Package: USP-4