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XC9111 PFM Controlled Step-Up DC/DC Converter

PFM Controlled Step-Up DC/DC Converter image


Property XC9111
Output Current 50-300mA
Input Voltage 0.9 ~ 10V
Output Voltage 1.5 ~ 7.0V
Oscillation Frequency 100kHz
Quiescent Current
Packages SOT-23, SOT-25, SOT-89, USP-6C

Product Description

PFM Controlled Step-Up DC/DC Converter

The XC9111 is a family of PFM controlled step-up DC/DC converter/ controller ICs designed to generate low supply voltage by the combination of PFM control and CMOS structure.The XC9111 has a variable 56% or 75% duty ratio and built-in 2.5Ω N-ch driver transistor.

An external transistor can also be used with some versions within the series for applications which may require larger currents.

A CE pin function is optional allowing for shutdown when the IC is not in use, thereby reducing power consumption to a minimum.


  • Input Voltage: 0.9V ~ 10V
  • Output Voltage: 1.5V ~ 7.0V
  • Duty Cycle: 55%/75% variable
  • Oscillator Frequency: 100KHz, 155kHz
  • Max. Output Current: >100mA
  • Low Supply Current: 2.0uA (Vout=3.0V)

XC9111 Application Circuit