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XC9107 Step-up DC/DC Controller with Vref input

Step-up DC/DC Controller with Vref input image


Property XC9107
Output Current > 30mA
Input Voltage 0.9 ~ 10V
Output Voltage ADJ = Variable
Oscillation Frequency 100kHz, 300kHz
Quiescent Current 14µA
Packages SOT-25, USP6B

Product Description

Step-up DC/DC Controller with Vref input

The XC9106~07 series are step-up DC/DC controller ICs with an externally applied reference voltage. The output voltage is set-up using two external resistors and the Vref value. This makes it easy to control the output voltage externally, using software. The XC9106/07 is ideally suited to applications that need to vary voltage, such as the power supply for an LCD. The XC9106/07 is designed for use with ceramic capacitors and maintains very low output ripple.


  • Input Voltage: 0.9V ~ 10.0V
  • Output Voltage: 1.8V ~ 30.0V
  • VREF input: 0.8V ~ 2.5V
  • Switching Frequency: 300KHz, or 100kHz
  • Output current: > 30mA
  • Standby Current: 1.0μA (max)

XC9107 Application Circuit