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XC9276 Ultra-Low Power 150mA Buck DC/DC with VSET

Ultra-Low Power 150mA Buck DC/DC with VSET image


Property XC9276
Output Current 150mA
Input Voltage 1.8V ~ 6.0V
Output Voltage 0.5V ~ 3.6V
Quiescent Current 200nA
Packages SOT-26W, USP-8B06, WLP-6-03

Product Description

Ultra-Low Power 150mA Buck DC/DC with VSET

The XC9276 Series is an ultra-low power 150mA PFM step-down synchronous DC/DC converter which has an output voltage select function (VSET)
that enables two separate voltages to be pre-selected. Operating voltage range is from 1.8V~6.0V and quiescent current is only 200nA.

Modern MCUs can operate over a wide voltage range but when in sleep mode, the MCU only requires a relatively low voltage to operate. For example,
in high speed operation, a voltage of 1.8V is necessary for the MCU, but a lower voltage of 1.1V would be enough when the MCU is in a sleep or suspend
mode. Being able to provide a lower VDD voltage to the MCU during sleep / suspend mode helps to reduce total current consumption which in turn means
longer battery life. The XC9276’s VSET function supports this.

The 200nA quiescent current also contributes to a high level of efficiency at a light load currents and this, combined with the VSET function, makes the XC9276
a solution that really helps to extend battery life in battery powered applications.

The XC9276 can be used with a small 2.2uH inductor which helps reduce output ripple voltage and the series is available in SOT-26W, USP-8B06 and an ultra-small
WLP-6-03 (1.07 x 1.7 x 0.33mm) package.