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XC9247 16V Step-Down DC/DC Converter

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Property XC9247
Output Current 1A
Input Voltage 4.5 ~ 16V
Output Voltage 1.2 ~ 5.5V
Oscillation Frequency 1.2MHz
Quiescent Current 150µA
Packages USP-6C, SOT-26W

Product Description

16V Step-Down DC/DC Converter

The XC9247 series is a non-synchronous PWM/PFM step-down DC/DC converter with internal LDMOS N-ch driver and is able to handle input voltages up to 16V and as low as 4.5V. Highly efficient, stable power supplies, with output currents up to 1A can be realized using only a coil, diode, and two ceramic capacitors connected externally.

The XC9247 series has a 1.0V (±1.5%) reference voltage, and using externally connected resistors, the output voltage can be set freely within a range of 1.2V to VIN.

The soft-start time is internally set to 1.5msec but can be adjusted externally using a simple RC circuit.

Available in a space saving USP-6C package or SOT-26W

Features :

Input Voltage: 4.5V ~ 16.0V
Output Voltage: 1.2V ~ VIN
Output Current: 1A
Switching Frequency: 1.2MHz
Efficiency: 90% (VIN=12V, VOUT=5V, IOUT=200mA)
Compatible with Low ESR/Ceramic Capacitors
Thermal Shutdown
UVLO: 4.15V, 5.65V, 7.65V


XC9247 Typical Application Circuit

XC9247 Efficiency vs Output Current