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XC9226 500mA Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converter

500mA Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converter image


Property XC9226
Output Current 500mA
Input Voltage 2.0 ~ 6.0V
Output Voltage 0.9 ~ 4.0V
Oscillation Frequency 600kHz, 1.2MHz
Quiescent Current 15µA
Packages SOT-25, USP-6B

Product Description

This product is not recommended for new designs, please use XC9236

500mA Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Converter

  • XC9225 PWM only
  • XC9226 PWM/PFM (Auto Switching)
  • XC9227 PWM only or PWM/PFM (Auto Switching)
  • Quiescent Current: Only 15μA

The XC9225/9226/9227 series, is a group of synchronous DC/DC converters with a built-in 0.6 ohm P-channel driver transistor and 0.7 ohm N-channel switching transistor. The series benefits from the use of ceramic capacitors. The ICs provide a high efficiency (Typ 92%) and a stable power supply with output currents of up to 500mA achievable using only a coil and two capacitors connected externally. Quiescent current is only 15μA.

Minimum operating voltage is 2.0V. Output voltage is internally programmable in a range from 0.9V to 4.0V in increments of 100mV (accuracy: ± 2.0%). The built-in oscillator, is selectable at either 600kHz and 1.2MHz. The XC9225 is PWM control, the XC9226 series is automatic PWM/PFM switching control and the XC9227 series can be manually be switched between the PWM and PWM/PFM switching control mode,allowing fast response, low ripple and high efficiency over the full range of load conditions. The soft start and current control functions are internally optimized. During standby, all circuits are shutdown to reduce current consumption to as low as 1.0μA or less.


  • Input Voltage: 2.0V ~ 6.0V
  • Output Voltage: 0.9V ~ 4.0V
  • Output Current: 500mA
  • Oscillator Frequency: 600kHz, 1.2MHz
  • Compatible with ceramic capacitors
  • Built-in soft start circuit
  • Built-in current limiter circuit (700mA) Constant current + latching protection
  • Stand-by Current: 1.0μA (max)
  • Small SOT23-5 USP-6B (2.0 x 1.8 x 0.8mm)
  • Only 3 External Components required

XC9226 Typical Application Circuit

XC9226 Efficiency vs Output Current