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XC9501 2-Channel DC/DC Controllers

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Property XC9501
Output Current Iout=~200mA (Vin=1.8V, Vout3.3V)
Input Voltage 0.9 ~ 10V
Output Voltage ADJ=0.9V
Oscillation Frequency 100kHz, 180kHz, 300kHz, 500kHZ
Quiescent Current 60µA
Packages MSOP-10, USP-10

Product Description

2-Channel DC/DC Controllers

The X9501 are dual channel Step-up DC/DC controller ICs. Output voltages are individually set-up externally, using two resistors and the control of the XC9501 series can be switched between PWM and PFM/PWM auto-switching using the MODE pin.

Control switches from PWM to PFM during light loads when auto-switching is selected. This maximises the efficiency across all output loads. In PWM mode noise is easily reduced since the switching frequency is fixed.


  • Input Voltage: 0.9V ~ 10.0V
  • Output Voltage Range: 1.5V ~ 30.0V
  • Switching Frequency: 180kHz, 300kHz or 500kHz
  • Standby Current: 3.0μA (max)
  • Soft Start internally set-up
  • Output Voltage externally set-up
  • PWM, PWM/PFM switching control

XC9501 Typical Application Circuit