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XC6810 28V Multi-Function Charger IC for Small Li-ion Batteries

28V Multi-Function Charger IC for Small Li-ion Batteries image


Property XC6810
Type Linear Charger IC for Li-ion Battery
Operating Voltage 3.5V ~ 28.0V
Charge Terminal Voltage 3.80V ~ 4.40V (0.05V increments)
Charge Current 1mA ~ 25mA
Input Current Limit 110mA
Package WLP-12-01

Product Description

28V Multi-Function Charger IC

The XC6810 is a multi-function linear charger IC for small Li-ion batteries as used in various wearable, hearable and IoT devices. This new charger IC is compatible with wireless charging and has a charge current range from 1mA to 25mA, a wide charge voltage range from 3.8 V to 4.3 V and a current path function that provides power to the system while charging.

Battery Over Discharge Protection, Output Terminal Short Protection, and Battery Voltage Monitor or Battery Low Voltage Notification functions are included to create an ultra-compact system. Furthermore, the IC includes a shutdown and wake-up function via an external push button to reduce battery consumption when the product is stored or unused.

Available in a low profile, ultra-small, WLP-12-01 package that measures only 1.17 x 1.57 x 0.33mm making it ideal for space constrained applications.