XCL104/05 Boost Micro DC/DC (Integrated Inductor)

The XCL104 and XCL105 are highly integrated boost Micro DC/DC converters which offer low current consumption and high levels of efficiency over a wide operating temperature range.  Various options can be chosen, including load disconnect, bypass mode or a VOUT OR circuit configuration which also allows designers to implement a shipping-mode function, to reduce power consumption when not in use (or whilst the final product is in transit).

With a wide output voltage range and many optional functions such as CL Auto Discharge and UVLO to choose from, the XCL104/05 is an ideal Step-Up DC/DC for numerous applications including wearables, smart meters, in-home units, and a whole host of IoT designs.

More information on this new Micro DC/DC is available online at: XCL104/05

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