World's Smallest 600mA DC/DC

The XC9281/82 is an ultra-small synchronous step-down DC/DC which can operate from 2.5V~5.5V and deliver loads up to 600mA. By adding an oscillation frequency of 4 MHz, higher efficiency can be achieved while still maintaining the mounting area as compared with the oscillation frequency of 6 MHz of the conventional XC9281 / XC9282 series.

The XC9282's quiescent current is just 11µA and the DC/DC also features soft-start and an optional CL discharge function.

Available in LGA-6B01 and an ultra-small WLP-6-05 package, measuring only 0.96 x 0.88 x 0.33mm, an extremely small DC/DC circuit of only 3.52mm2 can be implemented with a minimal number of external components.

Because the XC9282 uses such small packages and external components, the PCB area and thus the length of the copper tracks is minimised which results in extremely low radiated noise and excellent EMI performance.

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