XC6241 LDO with Green Operation

25th November 2021

6V 150mA High Speed Low Noise LDO. Only 0.6µA quiescent current!...

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5.5V 1.4A Boost DC/DC Converter

24th November 2021

Operation start from 0.9V. Ideal for use with single cell batteries....

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Grade 1 AEC-Q100 36V Buck DC/DC

17th August 2021

World's Smallest AEC-Q100 Certified 36V 600mA Synchronous Buck DC/DC...

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Load Switch with Ideal Diode Function

14th July 2021

For output OR circuits in power back-up solutions...

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18V 1.0A Boost DC/DC Converter

27th May 2021

Ideal solution for stepping up from batteries or 5V/12V DC inputs...

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ECAD Models now available online

1st March 2021

Providing Schematic Symbols, PCB footprints and 3D models...

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