XCL104/05 Boost Micro DC/DC (Integrated Inductor)

27th April 2023

Multifunction 1.4A Boost Micro DC/DC Converter with small COOLPOST package...

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XC6705/06 20V 200mA Green Operation LDO

18th January 2023

50dB@1kHz PSRR with only 1.2uA Quiescent Current...

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XC6810 28V Multi-Function Charger IC

27th July 2022

Includes control & discharge prevention circuits for small batteries...

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XC8110/11 achieves IEC62368-1 certification

27th April 2022

Load Switch with Ideal Diode function now IEC62368-1 certified...

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Ultra-Low Power Buck Micro DC/DC Converter

24th January 2022

Integrated Inductor & only 200nA Quiescent Current!...

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XC6241 LDO with Green Operation

25th November 2021

6V 150mA High Speed Low Noise LDO. Only 0.6µA quiescent current!...

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