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XC6803/04/05/06/08 Single Cell Li-ion / Li-Polymer Charger IC

Torex battery charger ICs use constant-voltage (CV) and constant-current (CC) charging methods for 1-cell Li-ion batteries and Li-polymer batteries. Charging cycles are carried out in the sequence of an initial trickle charging mode followed by a main charging mode.

These IC also support temperature control based on JEITA, making it possible to safely charge Li-ion batteries by controlling the CV charge voltage and CC charge current according to the temperature.

The line-up also includes products that can be set with a charging current of 5mA, which is ideal for small, low capacity lithium batteries in equipment such as wearable devices.


XC6806 with Current Path, Shutdown & Temperature Monitoring

The XC6806 is a linear Li-Ion/Li-Po battery charger with a 450mA Input Current Limit and integrated Current Path to maintain and prioritise the system load during the charging cycle. It also includes a novel Storage Mode Shutdown function to help conserve battery life whilst the end product is in transit to the shops.

The integral input current limit makes the XC6806 ideal for USB charging or applications that use smaller AC/DC adaptors. The temperature monitoring function meets JEITA standards and by controlling the charge voltage and charge current as appropriate for the temperature, the battery can be charged safely. Additional protective functions include a safety timer, UVLO, thermal control, and reverse current protection.

The Storage Mode Shutdown function completely shuts off power supply from the battery to the system to prevent battery leakage current while the device is in storage. When a power is connected to VIN the Shutdown Mode is cleared. This allows the device to be operated with full battery immediately after purchase even if it has been in storage for extended periods of time.

The XC6806 is available in the small USP-10B or LGA-10B01 package and a charging circuit can be designed with minimal external components.

Key Features

Operating Voltage Range 4.5V ~ 6.0V
CC Charge Current 10mA ~ 380mA
CV Charge Voltage 3.5V ~ 4.45V
BAT Sink Reverse Current 0.1µA
Supply Current 200µA
Trickle Charge Mode Yes
Recharge Function Yes
Recharge Voltage 25oC Vcv - 0.1
Battery Temperature Monitor Optional
Thermal Shutdown Thermal Control
Reverse Current Protection Yes
Mains Charge Hold Time 5hr
Trickle Charge Hold Time 0.5hr
Current Path Yes
Shutdown Mode Yes
Packages USP-10B, LGA-10B01

XC6806: Typical Application Circuit




XC6806: Operation Of Storage-Mode, Shutdown Function



Shutdown Operation

After production, the time from shipment of finished goods to them being sold and used by the end customer may be a few months or more, depending on the supply route from factory to warehouse and to retail outlet.

During this time, to avoid the battery discharging, the Li-ion / Li-Po cell should ideally be disconnected from the system. This is not always possible with traditional Charging IC, but the XC6806 includes an additional Charge Switch to allow the user to cut-off the connection between battery and the System.

The connection is cut using the integral diode of the Charge SW. A toggle signal to the SD pin enables the Shutdown mode operation when there is no VIN and once enabled, the consumption current from the BAT pin is only 0.1μA.



XC6806: Operation Of Current Path Function


Power can be supplied to the system from the OUT pin while an Li-ion battery is charged at the same time from the BAT pin. An internal input current limiting function sets a limit so that current can be supplied while preventing the input (VIN) from reaching an over-current condition.




XC6803/04/05/08 with Temperature Monitoring

The XC6803/04/05/08 are Constant-Voltage (CV) and Constant-Current (CC) type charging IC for linear charging of single-cell Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries.

An LED can be connected to the charge status output pin to allow confirmation of charging by LED illumination. The IC are housed in small USP-6EL and USP-6B07 packages with excellent thermal characteristics. A charge circuit can be configured using a minimum number of external components.

The XC6805 & XC6808 are available in an ultra-low profile USP-6B07 package measuring 2.0 x 1.8 x 0.33mm making these our thinnest battery chargers yet. In addition, with the XC6808, when the input supply is removed, the XC6808 automatically enters a low battery sink state, reducing the battery sink current to only 0.1uA (typ.), helping to ensure a long life for smaller batteries.


XC6803/04/05/08 Typical Application Circuit

Li-ion battery temperature monitoring function

The IC monitors the Li-ion battery temperature during charging by means of an NTC Thermistor connected to the THIN pin. CC charging and CV charging are controlled based on the Li-ion battery temperature as shown below to enable safe charging.

XC6805/08xN Typical Application Circuit 


Optimised for Small Batteries

To fit very small batteries, the minimum value of trickle charge current and charge completion current is 0.5mA. This ensures safer charging and longer battery life for small mobile equipment.



Torex Family of Battery Charger ICs

Series XC6803 XC6804 XC6805 XC6806 XC6808
Operating Voltage Range 4.5V~6.0V 4.5V~6.0V 4.5V~6.0V 4.5V~6.0V 4.5V~6.0V
CC Charge Current  40mA ~ 280mA  200mA ~ 800mA 5mA ~ 40mA 10mA ~ 385mA 5mA ~ 40mA
CV Charge Voltage   4.2V (3.5V~4.45V) 4.2V, 4.35V, 4.4V Fixed
BAT Pin Reverse Current 0.5µA 4.5µA 0.5µA 0.1µA 0.1µA
Supply Current 100µA 110µA 100µA 200µA 100µA
Charge Functions
Trickle Charge Mode Yes Yes Optional Yes Optional
Recharge Function Optional Optional Yes Yes Yes
Battery Temperature Monitor JEITA JEITA (Opt) JEITA (Opt) JEITA (Opt) JEITA (Opt)
Protection Circuits
Thermal Shutdown Yes Yes Yes Thermal Control Yes
Reverse Current Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Other Functions
Current Path - - - Yes -
Shutdown Mode - - - Yes -
Packages USP-6EL







Smallest Package Dimensons (mm) 2.0 x 1.8 x 0.4 2.0 x 1.8 x 0.4 1.8 x 2.0 x 0.33 2.5 x 1.6 x 0.4 1.8 x 2.0 x 0.33
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