Updated Micro DC/DC Page

A new 2 minute animated video is the star feature of our newly updated Micro DC/DC web page.

Take a look to see how Torex innovation has created ultra-small Micro DC/DC solutions that are not just space saving but which also provide low EMI and excellent thermal efficiencies thanks to patented ideas like the copper “CoolPost” technology built into the latest XCL225/226 18V, 500mA buck Micro DC/DC which improves thermal performance by more than 30% when compared to similar competitor solutions.

In addition, the updated page also now includes information and links to all our Micro DC/DC products and covers in more detail the different packing structures as well as the thermal & EMI benefits of the Micro DC/DC range.

To view the video and to find out more about all of our Micro DC/DCs click here

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