XC9263/64 18V 0.5A Buck DC/DC Converter

The XC9263/64 is a synchronous step-down DC/DC with P-Ch High Side Switch to ensure low Voltage operation with 100% max duty ratio. It can operate from 3.0V~18.0V and deliver loads up to 500mA making it an ideal replacement for inefficient Linear Regulators used in many industrial applications.

Designed for very high efficiencies at low output loads, with low quiescent current (11.5µA typ.) and automatic PFM/PWM mode. The XC9263/64 also works with Low ESR ceramic capacitors and comes with a choice of three switching frequencies (500kHz, 1.2MHz and 2.2MHz), adjustable soft start and optional power good output.

Available in the ultra-small USP-6C package, measuring only 2.0 x 1.8 x 0.6mm an extremely small DC/DC circuit can be implemented with a minimal number of external components.  The output Voltage can be set externally from 1.0V to 15.0V (FB=0.75V±1.5%).

The XC9263/64 includes Over Current and VOUT short circuit protection circuits, the designer can select either a Latch or Auto-restart configuration depending on the application requirements.  The output state can be monitored using the optional power good function and the PG pin will output a ‘Low’ signal when the FB voltage drops below 90% (typ.).

The IC will be forced to stop operating by various protection circuits, such as a thermal shutdown circuit when the chip’s temperature reaches 150ºC and a UVLO (Under Voltage Lock Out) circuit when the input voltage decreases below 2.7V. Both of the above functions are implemented using hysteresis, and will allow the XC9263/64 to resume normal operation when the chip’s temperature drops below 130ºC and when the input voltage increases to 2.8V respectively.

Others features of the XC9263/64 series include a chip enable pin to turn the IC on and off, a CL discharge function to quickly discharge the output capacitor when the IC is turned off, and an integral soft-start circuit to help limits rush current and output voltage overshoot when starting. The soft start time is fixed internally at 1ms and an external CR can be connected to extend the time as desired.

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