Torex wins award of excellence for Hi-SAT COT DC/DC Converter.

13th June 2017

Torex received an award of excellence for our innovative XC9273 series in the “Semiconductor of the Year 2017” awards hosted by the Electronic Device Industry News....

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XCL102/03 Small 500mA Step-Up Micro DC/DC with Integrated Coil

28th March 2017

Operating from inputs down to 0.7V this powerful Boost DC/DC converter can deliver outputs up to 500mA using a simple circuit with small PCB area....

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Low Profile Load Switch, ideal for Smart Cards

31st January 2017

Our XC8102 series is now readily available in the 0.33mm high (Max.) USP-6B06 package...

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XC9263/64 18V 0.5A Buck DC/DC Converter

24th June 2016

The XC9263/64 is a synchronous step-down DC/DC with P-Ch High Side Switch to ensure low Voltage operation with 100% max duty ratio...

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XC9272 Low Power, Low Voltage DC/DC

23rd June 2016

Synchronous step-down DC/DC converter supports low output voltages down to 0.6V with an ultra-low quiescent current of 0.5µA...

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XC6230 Ultra Low V-Drop for higher currents

18th November 2015

2A High-Speed, Multi-function, Ultra Low Drop Out, Voltage Regulator with adjustable output voltage and adjustable current limit....

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